Souls of Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s economic growth can be traced back to the industrial age in the 19th century.

Since 2010, Brooklyn has become a thriving hub of businesses and technology companies. This can be credited to the founding business owners of Brooklyn.

Here are five founding business owners of Brooklyn:

1.Harris Levi – With only a little money to spare, he and his wife established a tapestry and yard goods business in 1894. The business that began in a push cart is now considered a legendary resource for Fine Linens.
2. William and Fredrick Havemeyer – These two brothers are the founders of W. & F.C. Havemeyer company- a sugar refining company in Brooklyn. In 2001 it changed its name to Domino Foods, Inc and is the largest marketer of refined sugar in United States.
3. Asher and Feiga Scharfstein – These founding business owners of Brooklyn were Russian immigrants. They opened a Jewish bookstore in the ghetto of New York now known as Ktav Publishing House. It is among the most notable publishers of Jewish texts today.